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30years in the business

RECORD CITY All-genre online record shop operated by the long-established record store "Dub Store" since 2018.


Record City is one of the world's largest record stores

Based in Tokyo, Record City is one of the world's largest online music stores, with a total inventory of over 1 million records sold to customers and record stores in over 100 countries around the world.

We deal with all genres of music and everything related to music.

Japanese music in general, rock, pop, jazz, dance music, classical music, soundtracks, and all other genres.
We handle all music media, mainly records and CDs, as well as DVDs, LDs, and other visual media, memorabilia, audio equipments, musical instruments, and anything else related to music.

The world's largest inventory of more than 1 million pieces

We have over 50,000 items in stock each month.
We have the world's largest inventory of Japanese vinyl records, including a wide range of new imports and new Japanese vinyls.

Staff with diverse careers as music professionals

It is a new style of record distributor with a global presence, operated by a staff of approximately 60 people of all generational ages, ranging from teens to 60s, and many music specialists.
The headquarters is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with distribution centers in the suburbs of Tokyo and branch offices in regional cities, with a total facility floor space of over 1,600 square meters.

Dub Store Record Mart
Dub Store Record Mart

History of Dub Store


Dub Store was founded by Naoki Ienaga in 1993 as a reggae specialty store.
He moved to London in 1991, became familiar with the ska reggae record business, and started it as a mail order upon his return to Japan.

Naoki IENAGA, November 1991 at Camden Town, London
Naoki IENAGA, November 1991 at Camden Town, London
Naoki IENAGA, July 1993 at Ghetto, Kingston, Jamaica
Naoki IENAGA, July 1993 at Ghetto, Kingston, Jamaica

Since 1993, he has been organizing record digs in Kingston, Jamaica, and is internationally recognized as one of the world's top record dealers, focusing on hand-picked, high-end items.

Naoki IENAGA, 1997 at Dub Store Record Mart
Naoki IENAGA, 1997 at Dub Store Record Mart

Opened Tokyo store "Dub Store Record Mart" in 1996.
In 1998, began distributing "Studio One" and other independent Jamaican labels in Japan. As the largest importer of reggae records in Japan, distributing vinyl CDs to many record stores and large chain stores.

In 2002, he opened the online store "reggaerecord.com". It became the world's largest reggae online store.
Since then, he has operated "Reggae Record Mobile", a used vinyl site "Reggae Collector", a reggae information site "World Reggae News", and a high quality music distribution site "Reggae Record Download". As the world's top player in the reggae industry, he has developed a world-standard business.

Young shop staff, 1998 at Dub Store Record Mart
Young shop staff, 1998 at Dub Store Record Mart

leasing his own record label, Dub Store Records, which represents his own Jamaican music, based on his experience gained from years of reggae discovery and industry interaction.
Studio One, Federal Records, Bunny Wailer, Family Man, King Jammys, and many other valuable recordings.
Many of the recordings were recorded from master tapes by Jamaican producers and are of the highest sound quality.
Dub Store Records has gained even greater acclaim from around the world over time.

Young shop staff, 1998 at Dub Store Record Mart

Naoki Ienaga has been active in the London reggae scene since 1991 and continues to collect records and DJ today without change.
His music ranges from reggae and Afro-Caribbean, disco, soul, blues, jazz, African, and Latin, all of which are deeply black music.

DJ Naoki Ienaga November, 2023 Photo by Nammie
DJ Naoki Ienaga November, 2023 Photo by Nammie
Dub Store Records

Dub Store Record Mart

所在地 〒160-0023
東京都新宿区西新宿 7-13-5
営業時間 13:00-19:00(水曜定休)
電話番号 03-3364-5251
FAX 0120-975-541
E-mail shop@dubstore.co.jp

This record store deals mainly in reggae music.
Many rare equipment such as vintage speakers, rare posters, record company signs, and other valuable archives are on display.
The store has a relaxed atmosphere and offers a large selection of new and used editions, as well as high-end vintage vinyl.
The store is overflowing with world-class treasures, so be sure to stop by.



The world's largest online store specializing in reggae music, handling a comprehensive range of reggae-related products (7", 10", 12", LP vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, books, accessories and clothing) imported directly from Jamaica, USA, UK and Europe as well as imported versions.



This is a site that deals with used products from the 1950s to the 1990s. We have a wide range of items, from the greatest hits of the time, to the obscure and obscure, to valuable cultural artifacts, to the high-end items that would make the world's top collectors swoon.



RECORD CITY, which now has one of the world's largest inventories, has built up its own IT infrastructure, and responds to orders from customers in Japan and around the world through a unique system that places top priority on efficiency.

We will continue to make every effort to serve you for many years to come.
Thank you for your continued support of RECORD CITY.

Five strengths and one mission

RECORD CITY is the world's trusted online record store.

We buy each item with care and sell each item with care.

One of the world's largest music online stores.
Shipping to over 100 countries. Over 600,000 products.

The range of products we handle is by far the widest in the world.

We have an excellent reputation among both buyers and sellers.

Bringing Japanese music to the world, and the world's music to Japan.
Our mission is to spread music culture.